2010 Kirking of the Council 
The Kirking of the Council - a tradition dating back about 400 years -will bring the 2010 Summer Festival to a close and will be held on September 12th.

The event begins at 10 am with a procession of uniformed youth groups, Councillors and guests from the Town House to the Old High Church, Church Street, for the service at 10.30 a.m.

It is estimated there will be 120 people in this year’s procession, which will be led by Pipe Bands from the Northern Constabulary and the British Legion with many others gathering in the City Centre to watch the parade pass by.

The procession then returned to the Town House from the Old High Church.

The Kirking of the Council is a partnership between the congregation of the Old High St Stephen's Church of Scotland and the Inverness City Committee of The Highland Council that enables the Kirk to bless the work of the elected Members and their officials and for the Council to recognise the contribution of the Christian Community to the City of Inverness.

The occasion also gives the Council the chance to recognise the valuable contributions of all faith groups, charitable agencies and voluntary organisations to the City of Inverness.